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Corporate sustainability is imperative for business today but, how can business make sustainability part of its DNA? We think it’s a journey. We are here to help and make sure that your journey is meaningful and even enjoyable.

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Ampleen is a corporate sustainability consulting firm based in New York City. We started off as an information-sharing platform on urban green living and environmental and lifestyle sustainability, and we recently expanded our offerings to employee engagement to share our expertise on the subject. Our program is underscored by the more than 15 years of experience of our trainers and consultants. We are the sustainability ambassador and enabler to help create a “culture of purpose” in your organization.

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We are passionate about sustainability.

We truly care about others' well-being.

We have a global perspective.

We're fun and great people to work with (Seriously!)

We're superior project mangers, deliver on time & on budget.

We're flexible and customize for your needs.

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