NEW YORK, Apr. 04 – Tennaxia, a French market leader in sustainability data collection and analysis software, has formed a partnership in the U.S. with Ampleen, a corporate consulting firm that helps clients embrace sustainability through its advisory services. The partnership will offer both technology, services and training for companies looking to improve, scale up or streamline their efforts in this evolving field.

The Tennaxia–Ampleen collaboration, which began informally two years ago, will focus on helping the growing number of companies that need to meet and report on accepted sustainability standards, as well as aligning sustainability and core business objectives. This includes businesses involved in measuring, analyzing and improving environment, health and safety (EHS) and corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategies and programs.

“Tennaxia has entered the U.S. market with a proven software, which can be tailored to customer needs for collecting data across sites and for a variety of reporting obligations,” explains Juliette Barre, Sustainability Principal, Tennaxia North America.  Our comprehensive software “is easy to use and can be implemented quickly,” she adds.  “It supports clients with the features and services they need – and nothing they don’t, unlike much of the ‘packaged’ software on the market today.”

An expanding range of services
“We have connected with Ampleen because they bring a range of important services to clients,” Barre says, noting that the firm has worked for such clients as the New York State Restaurant Association, Great Eastern Energy, Solar One, and Greenwich House.

Ampleen services focus on helping organizations develop and implement complete and robust sustainability programs, addressing the three pillars of people, profit and planet.  Specialties include sustainability accounting and reporting as well as employee engagement – designed to maximize a company’s sustainability and CSR effort by creating a “culture of purpose” and delivering measurable results.

“Together, we offer everything sustainability managers will need for measurement, compliance and analysis, including tailored software and hands-on strategy, support and training services,” says Barre. “We know many sustainability leaders in the U.S. are increasingly interested in this combination of technologies and services.”

Addressing sustainability in a new era
“Even though regulations may be cut by the new administration in Washington, sustainability here and around the globe is still a critical goal,” says Ampleen’s principal of environmental programs Jennifer Dudgeon, who has broad experience in sustainability management, consulting and research for companies in the U.S and abroad.

“Consumers, investors and business partners increasingly want companies to be active and transparent, and governments, especially in Europe, still have stringent regulations that need to be adhered to,” she explains.

“For mid-to-large sized companies with multiple sites that are relatively new to reporting, collecting accurate and comprehensive data can be a challenge, but it will be required,” Dudgeon says. “Because we understand and anticipate the pain points, we can help companies that need to employ dedicated software tools and services specifically geared for global data collection, CSR reporting requirements, and performance goals.”

About Tennaxia
Tennaxia, founded in 2001, already powers more than 10,000 customer sites in 70 countries. The company’s software has been battle tested in France, where government regulations are even more stringent than in the U.S.  The technology offers three levels of validation and verification to confirm data quality.  Major European companies using Tennaxia’s software include AXA, Peugeot-Citroen, Group Bel (producer of Laughing Cow and Baby Bel cheeses), Auchan, a global retailer, and GeoPost, the “Fed-Ex” of Europe. For more information, visit: