Our Process and Methodology


1: Define Engagement

We start by asking what engagement means to our clients. What would success look like? Where should changes take place, and how should we measure our impact? What does the company’s future vision like?

We know that staff are best able to determine the modifications that would make a meaningful difference to their organization.

2: Help understand the goals

It is possible to fully understand the concept of sustainability engagement, yet fail to accurately report  your own level of engagement. People oftentimes do not recognize their own goal and areas for improvement.

In this phase, we help employees’ correct assessment of their own goal and engagement level working together with management team.


3: Identify the champions

At this point, we identify the champions and alliances in the organization and educate them about engagement and new sustainability initiatives and gain their buy-in.

We will assess what has and has not worked with regard to internal communications about employee sustainability initiatives thus far, and then outline a more successful plan, empowering managers to be part of the solution.


4: Facilitate a dialogue

We facilitate dialogue among employees to identify opportunities to increase their engagement level.  Also, we facilitate a mentoring relationship between employees and senior employees or managers to discuss how they can support each other to increase their engagement.

For our final phase, we track the change and result by following the success benchmarks that we develop at the beginning of the training process.

Check out how we engaged employees and generated more sign-ups for a health program!

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