Case Study

This EFFIE award-winning campaign achieved a 9% response rate with 50% of responders converting to Healthy Start.

Our assignment for Oxford Health Plans was to solicit and motivate Hispanic, African-American and Russian employees to become members of Oxford’s Healthy Start program, a managed-care benefits package targeting communities of higher risk for obesity, diabetes and heart diseases.

Key Insights

Three primary concerns outweighed all others for each target group: access, culture and trust.

Even if they were working for a health company there was a lack of care about their on health but not of the care of their families. Employees were concerned about receiving culturally appropriate treatment and in many cases, being communicated to in their own language.

They also needed reassurance that they could receive treatment in their own neighborhoods.

  • For:

Parents who want the best medical care for their family.  Oxford Healthy Start is the state-approved program.

  • That:

Lets you choose your doctor, near your home, who can understand you and be responsible for your family’s continuing care;

  • So:

You can know your loved ones will receive the best treatment anywhere.

Establishing trust and credibility for the program before employees could be asked to sign up was critical.

Focus groups and community contacts identified the appropriate avenues for building recognition and providing an explicit endorsement of Healthy Start.

A public relations meeting with respected work organization leaders was organized that would facilitate a discussion and endorsement of the program.

A direct-response campaign was subsequently launched that included mail, print, collateral components.

A long-distance calling card was used as an incentive