We help companies to engage employees by harnessing sustainability and corporate social responsibility initiatives.

The Challenge

Engaged employees are rare. The latest research by Gallup (State of the American Workplace Report) shows only 13% of employees worldwide are engaged at work, and 70% of employees in the U.S. say they don’t like their job.

This translates a loss of $450 to $550 billion a year from the cost of lost productivity from actively disengaged employees.

Highly Engaged Company

Engaged workers stand apart from their disengaged counterparts for they willingly go the extra mile, work with passion and feel a profound connection to their company.

In addition to salary, qualities such as psychological fulfillment and social connectedness often determine which employees are motivated to stay, perform and contribute to an organization’s success.

The Solution

A strategic approach that incorporates corporate sustainability can catalyze engagement, productivity and workplace

Ampleen specializes in this approach and helps explore how an organization’s quest for sustainable value can bring out the best. We help to advance a better society or world, but also the best on the inside — the ultimate goals for the
well-being of employees.

Business Value of “Going Green”

Cost Savings

Engaging your employees to identify a small and easy step to reduce an environmental footprint can lead to significant cost savings. An energy-efficiency initiative that simply involves changing light bulbs with more eco-friendly bulbs can deliver immediate and tangible results.

Innovative Workplace Culture

It’s vital to build a workplace culture that promotes well-being, engagement, innovation and work-life balance.

Attract Top Talent and Retention

Top talent today is attracted to the companies that embrace a culture of purpose. Also, this hits home with Millennials, the largest segment of the labor force in the United States today.

Create the Brand Equity

Employees who are engaged and live with a culture of purpose are not only a high performers, but they also become the company’s best brand ambassadors.

What We Offer

Ready to become green but, don’t have a clue where to start? Or, are you ready to launch a new green initiative or program, but lacking the change-management background?

We provide transformational strategies to companies wishing to move toward sustainability. We help you design, launch, or promote your initiatives successfully.

Behavioral change can only happen when your employees understand the rationale behind new green initiatives. We just need to educate “why” to get employees on board.

Don’t have time to train your staff, or have no effective communication platform? We can help.

We offer various workshops related to sustainability topics. We can even customize and create a speaker series focusing on the key messages that you would like to deliver.


Would you like to bring in someone to inspire your local green team or even your entire staff to go green?

We facilitate speaking engagements with industry thought leaders. With our expansive network in the sustainability area, we invite the right people to participate, and you can gain access to the most innovative speakers around the world.


Our Signature Event

We engaged over 150 consumers in the discussion on the topic of sustainability in the fashion industry. Experience the excitement — click here.

Past Event

GF gate“I am very grateful to Ampleen for their generous and valuable contributions to the New York City Green Festival 2013. Shoko truly served as the spark that helped bring and organize volunteers from Columbia University to the Green Festival.

In particular, Ampleen helped play a key role in facilitating connections, collaborating with presenter White Roof Project and leveraging contacts with Columbia University Earth Institute to assist with its part as an exhibitor.

Ampleen also helped to amplify the festival and engage a wider audience through social media and blogging, including having its blog post republished in the Huffington Post.

We look forward to the prospect of working with them again.

Céleste Lilore

Regional Director, Green Festival New York

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